Our extra virgin olive oil „La cussetta“

Dating back from ancient times, olives have always been considered to be symbols of friendship, faith and peace. Additionally, olive oil is widely recognized for its medicinal qualities and as an ingredient of almost every Mediterranean dish (fish, salad, pasta).

The tradition of olive growing in our region dates back from ancient times – the 1st century A.D., after Roman legionaires were started being awarded properties as well-deserved pensions after serving at least 16 years in the military forces. The official coat of arms of the Municipality of Fažana has to this day remained a roman amphora, an item used for wine or olive oil storage. The ancient city of Phaisana had a sizeable workshop of amforas, owned by Caius Laecnius Bassus, a roman praetor urbanus (high-ranking official in the judiciary) and consul suffectus (high-ranking governmental official).

The Istrian peninsula (especially microlocation in triangle Vodnjan – Fažana – Peroj), along with Italian regions of Toscana and Lago di Garda, is considered to be one of few areas in the world with the perfect conditions for premium olive oil production, given the number of days in the year with below zero temperatures, which are necessary for the producing oil of the highest quality.

Our olive oil "La Cusetta" is an extra virgin olive oil, made from our own olive groves in Fažana. It is a premium quality organic nutritional product, twice awarded with a gold medal in 2015. and 2016. in Vodnjan – the capital of olive-growing in Istria. Yields are relatively low and in average it takes about 10 kg of olives to get a 1 liter of cold pressed olive oil. The name "La Cussetta" stems from an ancient toponym (whose meaning was unfortunately lost through the years) of one of our olive groves in Fažana, whose historic trail fortunately remained inscribed in old topographic maps.

As a unique memento of your stay in "Villa Evelyn", take home a drop of our liquid gold –"La Cussetta". We sincerely hope it brings you and your family an authentic and healthy taste of the Mediterranean.